Blood Ancestors Dev Update!


Hi Relic Hunters,

In this first update we want to explain a bit what we are currently working on…

  • We are starting to test one new class: The Bloodshed, Warrior of the Blood faction. It’s a DPS melee with powerful attacks and life steal.


Basic Attack:​ performs a combo with its two axes. If the first two are chained correctly, a third more powerful attack will be executed.
Secondary Attack:
Counter-Attack: ​Block an enemy basic attack and deal unavoidable damage to him.
Blood Mark: ​Enemies marked will receive 10% extra damage from all sources.
Utility Skills:
Dragon Hook: ​Hurl an axe to an enemy. If you catch him, you will drag him to your position and leave a ​ Blood Mark ​ on him.
Furious Leap: ​Leap straight forward for a short distance. If you hit an enemy, you will deal him damage and leave a Blood Mark on him.
Defensive Skills:
Frightening Shout: ​Slow attack speed to all enemies around you.
Blood Urge: ​Boost attack speed to all allies around you.
Offensive Skills:
Whirlwind: ​For X seconds, you will spin on yourself dealing damage to all enemies around and healing yourself for each hit.
Raging Strike: ​Vertical strike with one of your axes that deal damage to an enemy and an extra damage over time for X seconds.
Berserker’s Anguish: ​Regenerate all your health, become immune to CC and move faster. All of your attacks will also heal you. You won’t be able to use your skills and will lose health over time instead.

The development of a new map belonging to the faction of Light, ​Breten’s Castle​, has begun. The level design is being tested and we are currently introducing props.

We are working on a ​new UI​, much more accessible and more in line with our style of play. The menu is very advanced and soon we will start with the in-game part.

If you are interested in following development, and hanging out with us, please join us on Discord! We’re always happy to chat with fans! ​