Blood Ancestors on consoles?


Hello! I’m very interested in Blood Ancestors and was wondering if it will be coming to consoles, preferably PS4?


Hey there!

We’re aiming for Steam first, and then the hope is to go into PS4 and Xbox as well! With support like yours, we can make that come true :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!


Hi Laddie13, as @Sarumonin said we plan to release in PC and major consoles (ps4, XBox and switch). But first we’re focusing on the steam release.

Thank you for your interest and fire your post.


Awesome, thanks again for replying. I’ll definitely give it a try on PC, but it’s as if I forgot how to use M/KB. Will there be controller support on Steam?


Hi @Laddie13, no need to thank us at all is our job. As for controllers (any of them, we plan to release the support early next year. As you can notice game’s UI is still a placeholder, same for the game menus. We are about to rework all of them and the make them fully compatible with controllers, in order to achieve a full experience.

Kind regards.