Blood Ancestors Steam FAQ & Information


Starting September 20th, Blood Ancestors will now be viewable to the world on Steam! Blood Ancestors on Steam will allow you to play the game without needing any other form of logging in. If you are in our Alpha and the game is asking you to create an account, please restart your Steam client. There is no need to enter any username or password when you are playing with Steam.

Please note that while some of the options are unavailable at the time for Blood Ancestors, they will become available in later patches. This article is mainly a heads-up for anyone playing our different testing phases - this of course, will allow you to provide additional feedback or raise questions on our Steam Discussions. However, if the questions are related to Alpha testing, please visit our official Discord at:

For most people that want to play on Steam the process is very simple, but if you have any questions please refer to the situations below that apply to you. This information has been added to the official FAQ for your reference.

When is Blood Ancestors releasing on Steam?

Blood Ancestors is launching in 2018, with a Q1 window possibility. We will keep all our players informed that have signed up on our newsletter and are on our Discord.

How do I play Blood Ancestors on Steam?

When Blood Ancestors launches in 2018, you will be able to download our Steam version of the game and start playing from your library of games! With different phases, the same applies for Alpha, Beta and other possible testing phases.

What server regions are available for Blood Ancestors?

At the current time we have North America and Europe available. However, based on demand we will open up regions to OCE and other regions if need be.

Will Blood Ancestors allow to use Steam Wallet?

Yes! In the game, we will allow for purchases of skins and other variations of your characters. However, we will not have any items that will give advantage to any player. We are against the Pay To Win industry.

I’ve purchased access to the game and I can’t seem to find the game on my library. What do I do?
On your Steam Client, click on the LIBRARY menu and look for Blood Ancestors to the left side of your UI. Make sure the game is properly downloaded and installed, or else you will not be able to play the game.

What genre is Blood Ancestors going for? MOBA? FPS?

The unique features of Blood Ancestors is that we incorporate the base of the Medieval era into a First Person View (FPV) arena game. There are a lot of influences in the game, from your original fantasy setting to a more medieval setting with knights!

Is Blood Ancestors region locked on Steam?

There are no region locks planned for Blood Ancestors. We would love for everyone to play the game, no matter what region you are a part of.

More information will come as the game approaches it’s Beta and Release phase.

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