Class Information: The Templar (English)


The Templar forms part of one of the most important units of the forces of light. The brotherhood of Templar has its potential in its great capacity of absorbing and mitigating enemy attacks.

The members of this company are selected and educated from their youth in order to achieve excellence and never falter in combat. Their shield and armor are their best bet in combat, providing them a great defensive potential.

The use of skills both augmented and imbued by the power of light help minimize casualties and allows those surrounding the Templar to focus on the battle at hand and to be able to fight with ferocity.

In short, a Templar is a hand to hand tank who blocks and slows down the enemy advance, allowing his allies to achieve victory easily.


Faction: Light
Archetype: Knight
Function: Tank
Main weapon: One handed longsword
Secondary weapon: Combat Shield
Life: 4000 points
Main attack: Sword strike, double combo if held down
Secondary attack: Shield block



  • Shield Strike: Strike an enemy with your shield and incapacitate them for a short period of time.
  • Stampede: Charge yourself with light and propel the Templar forward, damaging anything in his path. You can end this attack with a shockwave that launches enemies into the air.


  • Attract: Shout a warcry that forces the enemy to focus their attention on the Templar.
  • Sacred Shield: Invoke an energy dome that protects everyone inside from enemy attacks while keeping enemy units from escaping from it.


  • Devastate: Attack with the sword so quickly that it damages anyone a short distance in front of the Templar
  • Light Strike: Launch a high range high speed light projectile