Closed Alpha is here ! Get your key


Congratulations, Relic Hunters. Starting tomorrow, you will be able to fight alongside your allies against other players in Blood Ancestors, because we are opening our closed alpha for everyone that has a Steam account and a huge bloodlust.

All you have to do is access and complete one of the quick and simple tasks listed there.

By doing so, you will receive an access key to the game’s closed alpha. Keep in mind this key does not offer access to the final product, but its objective is to show you what will come in Blood Ancestors and to help us find bugs and work on your suggestions.

The closed alpha will last until April 29th, so take this break chance to enjoy the game and let us know about your experience.

If you already purchased the game, you should receive the key to your mail directly, so don’t worry, you will be able to join us without any delay! :slight_smile:

We await you, Relic Hunter.


Thank you good sir,i don’t know if i could run it with an i5,integrated gpu with 4 gb ram,but i surely will give it a try
EDIT:After installing it,there apears a little text box saying that there is not an executable file,may you take a look at it?


Hi @craicmoron don’t worry about this file stuff. The build uploaded to Steam is outdated. We will upload the last build in acouple of hours!!!

Enjoy the killing!


Sure man,i will be waiting for it anxiously.


I got my key, launched the game…noticed it said NA servers offline. Was that the reason I was the only one online and could not try out the game? Or is the game in maintenance right now for NA?
I saw EU servers had a green light. Not sure exactly how to select which server anyway.

When I did try to queue, before I had noticed I was the only one online in the game, I saw no way to leave the queue. Tried to hit the home button and messed with a few other things, still was in the queue.

Looking forward to trying this game out. I have already shared this with a few people I know. Hope to be hearing more of the game soon.


hello, there isn’t NA server currently, only EU, the server should be automatically selected to the asset. It is possible that you will not find people due to the time difference between EU and NA. Try connecting in another time zone or gather a group of friends to play together. If you need keys for them, let us know.