Dev Update - 1/23/18


Hi Relic Hunters!!

In this new update we want to present you the new model that we have been working on, the new Relic area:

The new Relic will have an animation when it’s unblocked to indicate that you can capture it. Take control of it before the enemy team does!

And as a gift we leave you a small preview of the character design of the Bearer, which is currently being modeled and you will be able to see it integrated into the game very soon!

It is closely related to the Relic, since the player who captures it will become this creature, acquiring an enormous power with new skills and assuming the responsibility of transporting the Relic to the enemy portal.

On the community side, we want to thank everyone for the amazing support, especially on Brightlocker! We’ve been eagerly watching the community grow, and are so excited to have more than 1000 of you join us as we develop Blood Ancestors.

We will be launching another round of testing soon, so watch for news and announcements in the near future! If you don’t have access yet, you can take advantage of our pre-order offers. We look forward to seeing you all in game soon! If you have any questions, or just want to hang out with the team, we are always available on our Discord channel, here:

Blood Ancestors Discord