For A Limited Time... Internal Testing Keys!


Hello there,

Would you like to take part of our exclusive Internal Testing phase? In this phase you’ll be able to test out features that is not available to the public just yet, and even speak 1-on-1 with the delevopers at Snowpeak Studio to give your feedback - and essentially help us mold the game.

We are looking for active players and testers that would like to join us on this adventure.

At the moment, we are testing the following features prior to releasing them to the public via Alpha / Beta or Early Access Test:

• Spanking brand new UI - New loading screen, new character selection, new everything!

• Brand new Matchmaking system for easier connection to other players.

• Updated character models and animations for a more fun, cartoony feel!

• Updated network structure, to allow players to join the game without any errors.

• and much more that we do not want to reveal here just yet…!

So, if you’d like to take part in these tests, please visit our official Discord and contact either Alex (our Marketing Producer) or myself (CM) and we’ll get you sorted out!

Visit the Discord at this link:

We have some amazing plans coming soon, and we can’t wait to show you how well the game is doing. To the point where we might just have to make a new game trailer.