ME? well if you must know


i am oldmageguy or OMG
mite be brite locker backer cant rember I spred my self wide on that one

im a tester and EX world of Warcraft game master for privet server(I was part of the anti cheater and hacker squad) inquizitorle squad or IS.

I have have been tester for fortnite im working on DRG deep rock glatic with ghoust ship games throw its paided early beta acess.

my strong points are physics and realitivty.

I stoped helping cross out after being blowen off by there mod when I found a big physics flaw in there game and just found them lie more and more and I don’t do things that way!

im honest to a falt and I don’t suger coat…ask my opinon with this in mind.
I try not to hurt feelings its just not cool
other than that I tell it as the facts show me.
as you may see my spelling is not good.
im dyslsic….it sucks
worked on robocraft when it was in beta and was steam backer for there green light
worked with them from late 2013 to mid 2015 and have started working with them again now that there lisoning to the players who know there stuff,

im a mideivl buff my speshelty is weppons from the humble improvised(both now and then) all the way to pullarms flails and moringstars(yes mace and moring star are diff and I would happly explain it in voice chat to any one who begs to differ)

P.S. I call EVERYONE on there bs if it is layed out befor me only to inform you cant be a better you if no one tells ya what ya are doing wrong.

thank you for your time OMG

oo don’t call me a wisered sorrser iltionest or ncromanser of any type please I am a MAGE…battle mage ti be a bit more on point but still.