Patch notes 08/17/17


Patch Notes - 08/17/17


Removed a crash when spawning (Need confirmation)
Connecting multiple accounts to the game should be fixed
Sorcerer: Char shouldn’t get stuck in the air
Templar: Shield resistance was not correct, now has its correct values
UI: F1 help menu now shows after 2nd round
UI: F2 Skill selection menu now shows after 2nd round
UI: Escape menu now shows after 2nd round

Engine upgraded to version 4.17
Shade’s triple arrow revamped, should be now more accurate and effective
Templar: Attract now disengages at certain distance
UI: Changed text messages at the char selection screen

Sorcerer: Painful blast has now SFX


Hotfix - 08/18/17


Posible fix for the random crash.
UI: Escape menu now can be closed by clicking on "resume"
Server: Game should now close when terminating the instance

Matchmaking: Added the ability to reconnect to the game in case the game crashes.