Patch notes 08/26/17


Patch Notes - 08/26/17


Sorcerer: Suction particle won’t last once the owner is dead
Sorcerer: Sputum now moves and explodes
Sorcerer: You won’t lose an ult every time you press ctrl anymore
Sorcerer: Mayhem falloff damage should work as intended
Templar: Blocking won’t cancel life regen anymore
Templar: If you attack and block fast you won’t hear the blocking sound anymore
Shade: Zoom won’t cancel life regen anymore
Matchmaking: You should be able to rejoin your server if you quit or crash
UI: You can go back again on setting screen
Life regen is fixed it won’t stop working anymore
3rd person view in some skills has been fixed
Map: Some collisions fixed


Shade: Deathclaw will now work as intended and it’s damage has been corrected
Shade: Skills have been revamped, now you select your skill and cast it by click LMB (left mouse button), if you press again the skill key it will cancel
Map: Spawns have been redesigned


UI: Added dynamic server selector (now will fill only with the available regions)
UI: You won’t be able to look for a game if there’re no servers available
UI: Players online info
Map: Added a lot of new props
Map: Added some volumetric lights