Patch notes 09/02/17


Patch Notes - 09/02/17 (PRIEST IS HERE!)


Sorcerer: Won’t receive heals anymore
Sorcerer: Painfull blast damage tweaked
Sorcerer: Leech will now work as intended (not only the 1st time it’s casted)
Sorcerer: Mines now work as intended
Templar: Bash is fixed, now stuns as intended
Templar: You won’t be able to block forever anymore
Shade: Skills CD are now working as intended
Matchmaking: You should be able to rejoin your server if you quit or crash
UI: Play menu, now you can see how many players are online
Life regen is fixed it won’t stop working anymore


Gameplay: Jump now feels more responsive
UI: Changed score screen now is more user friendly. NOTE: Assists still now work
Map: Texture system reworked
Map: Some static meshes have been changed in behalf of a better gameplay
Map: Some lighting tweaks and improvements
Map: Spawn tunnels are now textured


Game: Priest model added!
Animations: Basic priest animations
UI: Added chat support (lobby and ingame), is the 1st iteration