Patch notes 09/09/17


Patch Notes - 09/09/17 (Ranged nerf!)


Gameplay: Relic drain no longer shows the damage direction
Sorcerer: Suction won’t pass throuhg holy shield anymore
Sorcerer: Leech won’t drain health from a dead enemy
Sorcerer: you won’t be able to place a mine on your team mate anymore
Priest: Empower hammer bug fixed. It will recharge after using any skill, as intended
Server: No more ghost characters when reconnecting
Server: Possible fix for the server crash when someone reconnects
UI: Play menu, now you can see how many players are online
Character: 3rd person view camera bug when dying at the end of a round is now fixed
Map: Ways to go outside the map are now fixed
Map: Stone that triggers to get stuck is now fixed (from bug report)


Priest: Light aura particle is now larger
Priest: Light aura particle will last longer
Shade: Attach has now loading procedure, like a real bow. If you don’t draw the bow to the top the arrow won’t fly the maximum distance and its damage won’t be the max
Shade: Reload and ammunition removed
Shade: Skills that use an arrow will work the same way as normal arrows
Shade: Removed ult, replaced by another one
Shade: Grappling hook range is now the half
Sorcerer: Basic projectile has now max range (between 20 and 30 meters)
Templar: Health increased to 4000 points
Map: Some lighting tweaks and improvements
Map: Whole map textures imrpoved


Shade: New ult added, the shade will shoot an arrow imbued with the power of darkness dealing 2500 points of area damage, damage will split between the ammount of enemies inside the area
Animations: Basic priest animations
Lobby: When a player joins the lobby the time will increase by 30 seconds
Lobby: Once the waiting time is over, the game will start instead of closing