Patch notes - 09/15/17 (age of melee)




UI: Skill CD showed second zero, now after 1 the skill icon is ready
Priest: Hammer now reacts to the Templar’s shield
Priest: Justice knock now works!!
Priest: Judgement now works as intended, slowing down enemies
Templar: Bash now works
Shade: Bow draw now works as intended and gives a lot more feedback to player
Server: Patched for a better stability, now games shouldn’t crash after a reconnect
Menu: Playing players now works
Menu: Graphic settings now work
Animations: Fixed and improved several animations
Map: Better textures around the map

Templar: Attack now deals more damage (450 hp)
Templar: Improved swing effect for a better feedback
Templar: Stampede double tap now deploys a blast repels enemies
Sorcerer: Basic projectile range decreased
Sorcerer: Basic projectile damage increased
Sorcerer: Blood grenade damage increased
Sorcerer: Sputum damage increased
Shade: Total revamp of bow system
Shade: Grappling hook range decreased
Shade: New ultimate. Damage lowered to 2000 dmg in area
Shade: All arrow skills now work by using the new bow mechanics
Priest: New effect when swinging
Priest: Swing collision tweaked for a better performance
Map: Several BSPs replaced by static meshes
Map: Lightning changed
Map: Textures functions replaced for better results
Melee system: Now when hitting several enemies with a swing, all of them will be damaged

Overlay effect when hitting an enemy
Damaged enemies will be visible for 3 seconds by the whole team
Skill presets added to the skill config screen
Current skill description in-game by pressing J key
Shade: New sounds and effects when drawing the bow
Shade: New animations for the new bow system
Templar: New camera effects and sounds when swinging to improve the combat
Priest: New camera effects and sounds when swinging to improve the combat
Priest: New animations for skills
Map: New background placeholder mountains
Menu: Online players and Players playing