Patch notes - 09/22/17 - be skilled my friend


PATCH NOTES - 09/22/17


Sorcerer: Leech fixed
Camera sway should work as intended
Map: Lots of collisions adjusted
Templar: Fixed Stampede
Optimized UI
Hitboxes fixed
Fixed damage falloff for areas
Outliners are now working properly


Map: Super alien lights
Map: Skulls, bones & creepy stuff (More to be placed)
Map: Background Mountains
Map: New house meshes and bridges
UI: Damage number indicators added
Priest Animations
Priest Shield (Ultimate skill)
Priest Parry (Empower hammer is a passive skill)
Justice Knock Skill
Sprint and slow characters over time
More melee feedback
Rejoin button


New Templar Attack Right Animation
New Templar Attack Left Animation
Map: Deleted the 3rd spawn exit
Map: Level design changes on small houses
Lighting adjustments
Priest: Self healing increased
Shade: Darkeye damage lowered
Online players and playing moved to the main screen