Patch Notes alpha


Hi Relic Hunters, today we’re releasing a new update to the game with many fixes, changes an additions.


New animations for the Bearer skills (first version)
Dead players information added to the UI, now you can know when all players will be back in combat
When a player who’s not the Bearer goes through a spawn portal he will be killed and teleported to a doomed place
Spawn areas will heal up players during the countdown


New spawn portal effects
New kill volumes which now will inform the system when a player dies
New suicide system which now informs the system when a player dies
Scored messages have now colors to better understand it


Party system is now working and you should be able to queue when in a party
Fixed a bug preventing players from slowing down when they are attacked while walking backward. Now melee classes will be able to catch up ranged classes.
Fixed a bug where after being auto team balanced the message was stuck in the screen
And many other fixes…