Patch Notes alpha


Hi Relic Hunters, today we’re releasing a new update to the game with many fixes, changes an additions.

When a full team leaves the server, the game will finish
Bearer skills. Now it has FOUR SKILLS!!!
Press J to see what your chosen skills do
Sprint animations
Added buttons for when the skills are disabled

Improved Bearer camera
Reconnecting to party host message and timer fixed
Server some game mechanics are working as intended now
Skill cooldowns and buttons are now working as intended
Server stability fixes
Network stability fixes

Text on queue info is now more visible
Changed kill info icons

Sometimes “both teams scored” message gets stuck in the screen

  • In order to solve it, just press escape
    If someone crashes during the queue confirm the game will break and will get stuck forever in the lobby. If that happens, just click home and discard, then start a new queue.