Patch Notes Alpha (Welcome to Breten’s Castle)


Hi Relic Hunters.

Today we come with a new patch which brings very interesting stuff to the game.


New Breten’s Castle map has been activated. Welcome to the capital city of Light faction
Join in Progress feature. When looking for a game, system will match players to existing games until the games are full
Capture animation for Templar
New animations for The Bearer
When in a lobby everyone leaves, the game will close automatically
Bearer now has a ragdoll for when he dies

New animation for the Bloodshed parry, now it works really well, it feels more intuitive
Bloodshed attack speed tweaked rewarding tactical players
Furious leap range increased and now adds blood mark to the target. Blood mark increases the damage taken by 10%
Holy shield health lowered to 800 and duration set to 8s
Bash CD increased to 15s
Blood shield mechanic is changed health won’t be recovered instantly and on the 80% of taken damage will be gained
Suction healing has been lowered by 15%
Now every round the game will recalculate how many frags are needed to unlock the relic

When someone leaves the game at the ready up screen the game won’t bug anymore it will start
After reconnecting ultimate cooldown will work as intended
Game mechanics tweaked for a better stability
You can’t die by going next to the portal after the deploy anymore
Portal goals have its functionality been reworked
Server stability tweaks
Client stability tweaks
Network stability tweaks
Many other small fixes.

Enjoy the hunting!