Reymon's 1st feedback



  • It should have some kind of sprint. At the begining of the game you feel slow. But to be fair in the mid game when you get used to that speed you dont feel slolw anymore. Aniway a sprint button could be interesting, maybe for some characters.
    When the altar starts draining your life it lets you with just about 5-10% of your life and that makes you helpless to defend the altar. I think it should drain your life more slowly or leave you with 30-50% of your life to defend the altar better.
  • I like the fact of choosing the spells at the beginning of the game. Maybe some of them should be unlocked until your main account reaches certain level or you adquire certain level of mastery with that character
  • Another problem i found is that when you just play 2 vs 2 the map its a bit larger. Maybe create another map in the future and by now just close some areas when its a 2v2.
  • About the character I played, the magician, i felt it was a bit too overpowered, the poison bomb area combined with the target poison was a kill for sure. But I just played a game with it so its not really important.

And thats all for now


Hi @reymon359. First of all, thank you for the feedback

  • About the sprint. A long time ago was present in the game but we decided to remove it because it turned the game into a headless chicken fight. The good thing is you’ve noticed the game feels better the more you play and you get used to that speed. As for the “sprint” ability for specific classes, we’ll work on this coz we want to add a lot of variety of gameplay.

  • This is a really good idea we will work on it for sure, you gave us more than only one idea thanks!

  • The game is intended to play 4v4, at first we wanted to do 5v5 but we realized that 10 ppl in a melee fight is a bit confusing and ends in a chaotic battle. As for fewer players game modes, we’re working in different game modes which allow people to do duels and measure their skills.

  • Is indeed one of the most powerful class in the game (since is the only DPS), his attacks and damages are really huge, but in the other hand, his health is lower than the others and is mostly a “Glass Cannon”. Next class adition will change it a little bit.

Thank’s again for your feedback and keep comenting!