[Weekly Event] The Play with Devs Event


Hello fellow Relic Hunters!

We’d like to formally invite you all to join us, whether it’s in game, or live on Twitch - we are doing a special event with our community every week on Wednesday entitled:

The Play With Devs Event

How Can I Check It Out?

Well, random citizen, we are so glad you asked. Simply visit our Twitch Channel at:

If you follow our channel, you’ll also be alerted via email (or phone if you have the app!) when we’re online and what events are taking place.

We hope to see you guys this morning, and we can’t wait to show you guys some of the amazing things we’ve managed to achieve in the development of the game.

Feel free to ask any questions pertaining to the event in the comment section here, and we’ll answer as fast as possible.


Dearest Relic Hunters,

We will be changing our “Play With Devs” event this week to Thursday at 5 PM UTC, due to holidays.

We will see you this Thursday!

Snowpeak Studio