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Hail, Relic Hunters!

Welcome to our brand new newsletter! We’ll be bringing you regular news and updates on Blood Ancestors, and all of the work going on behind the scenes. This will be your go-to for new information, upcoming events, and inside information from the team here at Snowpeak. Development on the game is humming along, and we want to keep our growing community in the loop!

Currently, the team is working on a few aspects of the game, including a new class, improved UI and new menus. Additionally, we’ve just wrapped up a week-long alpha test for Blood Ancestors, which brought a multitude of new faces to our community! If you missed the test, and want to be part of the next one, be sure to join us on Discord and ask for an alpha key!

As the game grows, we are continuing to recruit internal testers as well. We need intrepid folks who are willing to brave the bugs and help us catch issues, offer feedback, and give suggestions for improving the experience. If you’re willing to join the internal test team, we would be happy to have you. Internal testers who put in the time and effort to aid the dev team have the opportunity to earn a free copy of the game to keep, as well as skins and other in game rewards at launch!

Today, we’d also like to let the community know that we will be leaving our EU server live through the new year, so be sure to hop in and check out the game! US servers will be up periodically as well, as we move forward with the extensive alpha testing of the game.